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How We Can Help

How We Can Help
We have the "know how" to come up with creative solutions to fit your situation.

We have several properties to choose from.

We handle all of the paperwork so we can close NOW and put you right into your new home.

We are problem solvers who can make your problems evaporate so you too can achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

We create and provide win-win real estate solutions for all our customers.

We can also customize a program to suit any special situation such as lump sum payment, advance payments toward your future down payment and MORE!

We have several programs to suit your individual and family needs:

Our Rent-to-Own Program

Our rent to own program is perfect for you if you want to own your own home, yet need some time to improve your credit, build up time on your employment history, want to test out the neighborhood, or need to build up your down payment to qualify for regular mortgage loan.

Look at it as a finance program, and not a rental program.  You get most of the benefits of home ownership right up front!

Here is how it works:  It is not a cookie cutter plan.  Since every person’s situation is unique, we work with you to tailor a plan based on your personal situation. You put up an initial investment that is applied toward the purchase price of the home, and typically a portion of each monthly payment will also credit toward the purchase price.  The more cash you can invest up front, the more flexible we can be with your monthly terms.  The more cash you can invest in your home each month, the larger the chunk that will go towards your purchase price each month in the form of a purchase price credit.

At the end of the lease term, which is usually 12 months, we walk you through the process to finance with a mortgage company necessary to complete the purchase of your home!

Our American Dream Homeownership Program

Requires no bank financing or bank qualifying.

You can increase your take home pay. You get to deduct interest payments and property taxes from your income taxes. This lowers your income taxes and allows you to increase your deductions.

Requires a minimum 10% of the purchase price as down payment. You can choose to pay more and that will lower your monthly house payment.

You can receive all the benefits of homeownership NOW without the hassle of bank financing.


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